REBUILD DRUM LEXMARK E260, E260, E360 , E460, E462, X264, X363, X364, X463, X464, X466,

  • Levertijd:1-2 werkdagen
Fabrikant: Refill/ Rebuild

Kleur: Black

Capaciteit: 30000 pag. bij 5% dekking

Geschikt voor: E260, E260 D, E260 DN, E360 D, E360 DN, E460 DN, E460 DW, E462, E462 DTN, X264 DN, X363 DN, X364 DN, X364 DW, X463, X463 DE, X464, X464 DE, X466, X466 DE, X466 DTE, X466 DWE


**Rebuilt - completely revised (all spare and wear parts are replaced when needed by new ones. Our rebuilt toner cartridges are recycled / reworked high quality products with quality warranty. Compared to original cartridges, you will save up to 75% of the price when using our compatible cartridges.